Dedicated to furthering the beautification of Northern Idaho by providing horticultural and educational activities, and providing wildlife habitats through the use of plants.


MAY 7--President's Message:
The sun is shining! Yea! The trees are so happy they are blooming. My peonies are stretching their limbs up up and up!  The Alliums are sending their big flower heads towards the sun ready to burst in bloom. It's an exciting time in the garden. Of course we have lots of chores now to keep it all looking beautiful. But then we can relish the outdoor warmth and beauty of our gardens as we toil. We hope you can make it to our always fun annual event:  PLANT EXCHANGE AND POTLUCK on Tuesday, May 12 at noon. More details were emailed to all members. If you didn't receive yours, please let us know!  We hope to see you all there. Penny Ragland, 2015 President

APRIL 9--President's Message:
Hello Gardeners!  Every morning, evening and admittedly several times inbetween it's a quick scan around the gardens in anticipation to see if those bushes that were bought on clearance the end of the season last year are going to be re-born. The 85 white iris and alliums are awake now and pushing up through their winter blankets. The crab apple tree is bursting with buds as is the apple tree. Hope the fencing goes up before the local wildlife decides to have a nice lunch!
Eva Lusk is our speaker this month on "Oh Deer!"  She should have some good ideas to protect our gardens from these beautiful creatures and their appetites. Now if the same could be said for elk and moose!  We are meeting Tuesday, April 14 at 1pm at Dalton City Hall (*note facility change!).  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.  Happy Spring!  Penny Ragland, 2015 President

FEBRUARY 8--President's Message:
Do you have visions? Waves of beautiful flowers to view as you walk through your yard, I mean garden? Waiting for those garden catalogues to appear? Boy I am! Finally, after the ground being covered in winter’s blanket for almost two months and tired of looking at dead looking twigs, formerly known as my new landscaping, I am being encouraged by little tiny sprouts of green from the iris and chives popping up from their frozen state. A thoroughly enjoyable time last week found me in one of our local big box stores perusing the garden section. So nice to see green plants! And it was cozy warm in there too! Now is the perfect time to plan for this year’s garden experience and the Coeur d’ Alene Garden Club is here to help and encourage you. February’s guest speaker is Stefani Hoffman, speaking on greenhouse growing. I had the pleasure of taking her course at the college a few years ago and found her to be very knowledgeable! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to gain some of her wisdom on growing undercover! I look forward every month to seeing all my garden friends and meeting our visitors too.  Penny Ragland, 2015 President

JANUARY 24--Garden Tour Chair's Message:
Even though the snow is still on the ground and the Springtime bulbs are barely popping out of the ground, it's time to start thinking about the 2015 Garden Tour.
The planning has begun, volunteers for sub chairmen have stepped forward (thankfully), and this lady has ideas to share and discuss. It takes lots of help to "hatch" and carry out all the details of a successful tour -- so let's begin!  The first meeting is February 3 at 2pm at the CDA Library and subsequently monthly. Future dates and times to be determined.  Fortunately, we have lined up six beautiful gardens to feature and a back-up garden is also in place. As in the past we plan to have live music in each garden as well as some exciting artisan/vendors with garden-related items to sell.  As a big thank you to all garden club volunteers and garden owners we plan to once again visit the beautiful and eclectic garden of the Hoods as the site of our pre-tour celebration. This is always a joyous and fun evening held in preparation of the big tour day. Tour day is Sunday, July 12, 2015. Tickets may be purchased at select locations in June. Further information will be posted on our website.

JANUARY 2015--Join us for the first meeting of the new year on Tuesday, January 13 at 1pm (Dalton Gardens City Hall)!  Donna Souza (Spokane Orchid Society) will be our featured speaker covering everything about orchids.  Bring your orchid questions to get expert orchid advice!  It's a great time to check out the Garden Club if you're contemplating joining!  

DECEMBER 1--President’s Message:

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? The year is almost over. And it has been a great year at that. A great summer that allowed us to have a wonderful Garden Tour. The Cda Garden Club members, sponsors, and our generous garden owners, successfully raised $12,000 to share with various, much deserving charitable organizations. Thanks to all those who helped make this possible. Summer sputtered to an end early with 2 days of temperatures in the mid 20’s which, really hurt the dahlias when they were just reaching their peak. They lost all their color then tried to make a comeback. New growth that didn't quite make into new buds. Then fall came back, suddenly, giving us 2 weeks of freezing weather. If the dahlias weren't dug up prior to this, some of you may not have gotten them dug up. My husband & I took a chance and dug them up a bit early, as we were going on vacation. Now the challenge is how they will keep in storage for the winter.
Ahhh! the joys of gardening.This year the Cda Garden Club also had our first evening meeting. We enjoyed a speaker, Jill Roche. She talked about "Planning Next Year's Garden”.  We enjoyed cookies, coffee and visiting afterwards.  Look for another evening meeting in March. Please check the website for details. The website!  In case you haven’t visited our website lately,,  we have a new look. Check out our new Facebook page, too. Please ‘like’ us when you visit. I would like to thank the members of the executive board that I've enjoyed serving with the last two years. I appreciate the many skilled and talented members that help make this club work. In December our newly elected executives will be sworn in and we will have more new ideas and education.
I will be making a transition to help our Tour Chairman, Bonnie Warwick with next year’s garden tour. Hope each of you enjoy the rest of this year, and plan for next. Happy gardening...Thank you, Tina Hood, 2014 President

OCTOBER 23--Check the latest meeting schedule as dates/times have changed.  Click here for details.

SEPTEMBER 19--For the 17th year, the Coeur d'Alene Garden Club, its members, patrons and friends, are pleased to announce that proceeds from the 2014 Garden Tour have been generously contributed to these worthwhile organizations providing for varied and important needs of our community. (See CDA Press article here):

NIC Dual Enrollment Scholarship Fund

Hayden Meadows Elementary/Greenhouse Fund

Animal Allies of Idaho

Second Chance Pet Rescue

No. Idaho Violence Prevention Center (Women’s Center)

Elder Help

I Care



Shared Harvest Community Garden

Make-A-Wish Idaho Foundation

AUGUST 7--President's Message:  

Remember back in January and February when we were all looking forward to summer, to the nice warm days that we would be able to enjoy working in the garden and enjoying the beauty that comes from all of our weeding, planting, transplanting and dividing, let alone those who harvest, freeze and can? Well, those days are here, and here with a vengeance! The lazy days of summer are here, not because we are "lazy" but because it has been hot enough to keep us out of the gardens. But in spite of all the heat we had a very successful Garden Tour on July 13. Five gardens were visited and enjoyed. Garden owners, hostesses, volunteers, musicians and vendors all endured the heat with smiles on their faces and shared their expertise to all who asked. The Garden Tour was definitely a success, and looks like we will be doing this again next year. Now comes the delightful "chore" of selecting charities that will benefit from all the hard work. Most of all, we would like to THANK all the members of the community, friends and visitors that endured the heat to enjoy the fruits of our combined labor. Without support from the public this event would have much less meaning. So as we enjoy each other’s gardens this summer, please do not hesitate to let us know of any garden that you feel is unique, exceptional, comical, etc. We would love to know about them and visit them if possible. No pressure to put on the tour, but just maybe something to think about. Contact any garden club member or email us at Thanks again. Now let’s enjoy our summer as before too long it will be cooling off. Hopefully as the cool down happens, we will see a flush of new color in those determined annuals and perennials. And we will remember these glorious days of summer as the snow slowly starts falling.

See you in the garden! Tina Hood, President

JULY 2014 -- Garden Tour Chair's Message:

Well, another garden tour (our 17th) is now behind us – and what a beautiful tour it was! I want to thank the garden owners for sharing their beautiful gardens with the community. My heartfelt thanks go out to our hard-working committee that made it possible. Many thanks to the lead hostesses in the gardens for keeping everything running smoothly, and the members who faithfully served in the gardens in spite of the record setting heat (99 degrees) - oh what dedication by all! And a big THANK YOU to the community who came – saw – and enjoyed the tour. Our sponsors helped to make the tour a financial success and we thank them as well as the artisan/vendors and ticket sellers who participated. In the near future we will distribute our proceeds to local charities and dual enrollment scholarships. So it is now time to call it a Wrap! Thanks again to one and all. The plan is to proceed with another tour next year so mark your calendars for July 12, 2015!

Now for a much deserved R & R..., Bonnie Warwick, Garden Tour Chairman

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